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Abandoned Marine Stadium
Location: Florida

"When I was a teenager, I struggled a lot with my temper. Most people would have called me a “nice girl,” but I sure didn’t feel nice. So I always loved heroines who got to be angry, who felt and said and did ugly things. They didn’t even have to be heroines. I sympathized with all the Mean Girl characters I ever read about, even the really awful ones you were supposed to hate — because I could be kind of awful too, sometimes. And I was desperate for stories about girls like me.
I had to write CRUEL BEAUTY because I wanted a story about a girl who was genuinely ugly inside. A girl who was prepared to die saving her world, but who was also jealous and resentful and sometimes cruel; a girl who hated both her uncaring father and her innocent sister. And who still got to fall in love, and tell her own story, and become a hero.”
—Rosamund Hodge (x)